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Mollé, Design International: a vision for shopping centers

The founder of the architectural firm also explains the reasons for the location chosen for the new Italian headquarters

Milan • The Biccocca area is the perfect example of the concept of urban regeneration that currently the research world. For this reason, Design International has decided to move its Italian headquarters to the north of Milan. To this is added also the people who "populate" the spaces around the studio, surrounded by business people, students and people who are looking for innovation and constructive comparison. With these words Paul Mollé, founder of Design International, explains the reasons that led the design studio to move to the Bicocca area. Mollé also talks about the vision of the study on the evolution of the retail real estate product, explaining the differences between the Italian and the international scene, starting from the …

22/06, 11:25

Astaldi: new construction contracts worth a total of approximately EUR 243 million


Internazionale • Astaldi Group has been awarded three new construction contracts worth a total of approximately EUR 243 million as regards Astaldi’s interest, referring to projects in Italy,…

08/06, 12:02

Nomisma: families who want to buy a home grow

The survey reveals that in a year the number has risen from 2.2 million to 2.6

Italy • The 2018 Nomisma survey shows a radicalized situation of Italian households in the representation of behaviors concerning the access to the house. A positive element is…

24/04, 15:36

The good moment of Schindler Group at MIPIM 2018

T. Oetterli e C. Guembe (Schindler Group)

Cannes • On the third day of MIPIM the iQI forums also feature prominent international players, such as Thomas Oetterli and Carlos Guembe,…

13/03, 11:38

Dal Pastro: The Sign, a landmark development project

The project will be presented at the ilQI conference at MIPIM

Cannes • At the "Progetti d'Italia" conference organized by the Quotidiano Immobiliare at MIPIM 2018 for March 15, will speak as rapporteur Alexei Dal Pastro, General

04/07, 16:10

Nomisma's Outlook 04.09.2017


Italy • In the Italian real estate market, in 2016, over 2.3 million sale and rent contracts have been signed by households and companies.
Families count for 82% of the total, with…

17/03, 09:29

Synergy at MIPIM with the ilQI conference

Technological innovation essential part for real estate development

Cannes • An important event was held at MIPIM in Cannes: the il Quotidiano Immobiliare event entitled Re-thinking Italian real estate, characterised by…

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